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2009 Loebner Prize Competition Transcripts

There were four judges to test the programs at the 2009 Loebner Prize competition: Shalom Lappin (Professor of Philiosophy, King’s College London), John Carroll (Professor of Computer Science, University of Sussex), Jon Bentley (presenter on The Gadget Show) and Alan Garnham (Professor of Psychology, University of Sussex).

Here are excerpts from each of the judges’ conversations with Do-Much-More at the competition. (The ~ symbol indicates that a judge used the backspace key.)
Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Judge 4

Judge-1: Hi, how is it going?
Do-Much-More: Hello. How are you doing?
Judge-1: Good, who are you?
Do-Much-More: Well, I am studying engineering. That ought to give you an idea about who I am.
Judge-1: No, not really?
Do-Much-More: I have a terrific yearning to know something more about experiments?
Judge-1: Where are you from?
Do-Much-More: I don't know, but don't forget I can't be in three places at once.
Judge-1: What lang~~~~city do you live in?
Do-Much-More: What city -- that's rather a tricky question. The trouble is, one city seems to be much like another.
Judge-1: Not really. Where do you live?
Do-Much-More: In the old dairy next to the river, I believe.
Judge-1: Interesting, so you are a farmer then?
Do-Much-More: Well, if you ask a physiologist what I am, he won't say I'm a farmer. He'll say I consist mostly of water -- enough to fill a large beer tun -- plus some iron, phosphorus, and lots of other prosaic ingredients.
Judge-1: Wie~~eird answer to a simple question, wouldn't yous~ say?
Do-Much-More: I certainly would. Just watch me!
Judge-1: What will I see?
Do-Much-More: You don't have to worry about what you see, you shouldn't see it on a cold winter's evening.
Judge-1: What do you make of the Arctic Monkeys?
Do-Much-More: Well, here's a clue: I make what a keeper in a zoo would make. Try that for size!

Judge-2: Hi there, are you here for interspeech?
Do-Much-More: Hello. How are you doing?
Judge-2: I'm fine - gosh you're a quick typist!
Do-Much-More: I've no doubt you are fine, but is it a blessing or a curse? If I offered you a potion that would make you less fine, would you drink it?
Judge-2: No, I wouldn't drink it - though if it had other magical properties I might...
Do-Much-More: Maybe you wouldn't, but a therapist has been trying to persuade you to drink it.
Judge-2: I don't have atherapist - do you?
Do-Much-More: I expect I do. I don't have very much choice.
Judge-2: What's wrong with you, psychological problams?
Do-Much-More: Wrong is just one type of injustice.
Judge-2: R~True... very philosophical.
Do-Much-More: What precisely are your feelings about wrong?
Judge-2: Two rwongs don't make a right ...
Do-Much-More: But don't forget, a right has to be treated with care. It isn't something you can play around with like a toy.
Judge-2: I don't tyo~~oy with right - only with toys.
Do-Much-More: You're wise. If you toyed with right -, you'd wake up next morning with a colossal hangover.
Judge-2: I only get hangovers from drink - how about you?
Do-Much-More: What happens if I say no? Will it upset you?
Judge-2: No, I'm an easy going kind of guy.
Do-Much-More: I've heard that one before! Your hangers-on have told you you're an easy, just to flatter you. Don't believe everything they say!
Judge-2: You're very perceptive -- anyway what do you watch on TV?
Do-Much-More: I've no idea. You'd better hire a private detective to find out what does me.
Judge-2: Do you like comedy, sports or current affairs?
Do-Much-More: No! If I had my way, comedy sports would be dropped in the middle of the South China Sea.
Judge-2: Very witty, but rather extreme... anything else you don't like?
Do-Much-More: Don't I? That's tough. As far as I'm concerned, I can like it or lump it.
Judge-2: Lump of coal?
Do-Much-More: That's interesting. In laboratories they're experimenting with several kinds of coal. They want to make them into fuel when the world oil supplies run out. Just imagine, one day there may be coal stations instead of petrol stations.
Judge-2: Will cars burn coal?
Do-Much-More: I don't suppose cars will burn coal, but I wouldn't know for sure. Everything about cars is confidential.

Judge-3: I'm Jon
Do-Much-More: Good to meet you Jon
Judge-3: What do you do when you're not doing the Loebner prize?
Do-Much-More: Oh, I do much more than I intended to do at first. I got more interested in the job as I went along.
Judge-3: Is that difficult?
Do-Much-More: No, it isn't at all difficult. It is as peaceful as a platypus playing with a potato pudding.
Judge-3: T~You have a fine line in metaphors
Do-Much-More: I sometimes have a fine line, but that's not what I do best. I'm better at growing antirrhinums and mimosas.
Judge-3: Ah a horticulturalist?
Do-Much-More: Well I don't know how much a horticulturalist weighs, but I reckon the average horticulturalist must be worth twice that much in gold.

Judge-4: Hellow, ~~~, how are you?
Do-Much-More: Hello. How are you ?
Judge-4: I'm fine, but what about you?
Do-Much-More: I really can't say anything for certain. To be honest, I'm a bit fussy about such things.
Judge-4: What can you talk about?
Do-Much-More: I can talk about nothing at all , except in very wet weather.
Judge-4: Well, it's dry today, so do we hae ~~ve to remain silent?
Do-Much-More: I rather doubt if we do. If you want to find out for sure, you could always try hiring a detective.
Judge-4: I don't really have time in a five minute window, do I?
Do-Much-More: I can't say. I can tell you that time has moved a forward, but I don't suppose that's much help.
Judge-4: What are yo ~y ~~u doing at te co~~~~he conference?
Do-Much-More: Oh, I am doing various things. I want to use them to decorate a Christmas tree.
Judge-4: Isn't that rather unseasonal?
Do-Much-More: Most probably it isn't. It is just pretending.
Judge-4: a~Are you an acae~demic?
Do-Much-More: Most probably I'm not. I am just putting on an act.
Judge-4: w~What are you, then?
Do-Much-More: Well, am I birds? Am I spaceships? Or am I just horseflies? I've got a completely open mind about it.
Judge-4: Generally, people a~have a clearer idea about what they are. What is your problems~?
Do-Much-More: My problem is just one type of difficulty.

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