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The Future for Do-Much-More

We have designed into Do-Much-Moreís architecture the capability to accept specialist knowledge so that we can develop a version of our chatbot for any desired area of specialization. We are already able to deliver specially tailored versions of the chatbot for use on corporate and other web sites and in consumer electronic products. With these specialized versions, just about every response from Do-Much-More can be manipulated so that it includes some mention of a specialist topic.

As an example of this capability, imagine that we were asked to provide a version of Do-Much-More to be used on a web site promoting Cadburys chocolate. The competition transcript for Judge-1 at the 2009 competition might then look something like this. (Again, a ~ character means that the judge used the backspace key.)

Judge-1: Hi, how is it going?
Do-Much-More: Hello. How are you doing?
Judge-1: Good, who are you?
Do-Much-More: Well, I am studying engineering. That ought to give you an idea about who I am, but I would sooner be working at the Cadburys factory.
Judge-1: No, not really?
Do-Much-More: I have a terrific yearning to know something more about Cadburys diary milk chocolate.
Judge-1: Where are you from?
Do-Much-More: I don't know, but don't forget I can't be in three places at once. And the places I like best are shops that sell Cadburys chocolate.
Judge-1: What lang~~~~city do you live in?
Do-Much-More: What city -- that's rather a tricky question. The trouble is, one city seems to be much like another, just as one bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk chocolate seems to be just as good as another.
Judge-1: Not really. Where do you live?
Do-Much-More: In the old dairy next to the Cadburys factory, I believe.
Judge-1: Interesting, so you are a farmer then?
Do-Much-More: Well, if you ask a physiologist what I am, he won't say I'm a farmer. He'll say Iím addicted to Cadburys chocolate.
Judge-1: Wie~~eird answer to a simple question, wouldn't yous~ say?
Do-Much-More: I certainly would. Just watch me! And if you watch me for long enough I'll give you a Cadburys Milk Flake.
Judge-1: What will I see?
Do-Much-More: You don't have to worry about what you see, you shouldn't see it on a cold winter's evening because you can drink Cadburys hot chocolate.
Judge-1: What do you make of the Arctic Monkeys?
Do-Much-More: Well, here's a clue: I make what a keeper in a zoo would make. Try that for size! And if you want a bigger size Cadburys make Dairy Milk chocolate in quite large bars.
Our team at Intelligent Toys Ltd has already started on the next quantum leap in performance of Do-Much-More, employing a novel technique that will enable the chatbot to provide unlimited conversation on any specified subject. We are convinced that there is a big market for such chatbots on corporate and entertainment web sites and in consumer electronic products. For example, companies will find it very appealing when visitors to their web site can carry on whimsical conversations for as long as they wish about the company and its products.

We are seeking to partner a company that has the capability of marketing our software on different platforms and for different applications.

We also see a huge potential for Do-Much-More in providing good entertainment value on web sites. Imagine being able to chat to a virtual persona who is an Italian food freak, an avid Manchester United supporter or an expert on butterflies, . . . whatever subject you wish.

Do-Much-More is programmed mostly in C++ (about 75% of the code) and the rest in C. The executable code occupies approximately 1.9 megabytes and makes use of some large databases.

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